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How to shrink a thick VMDK disk on a virtual machine

Extending a virtual disk is a common task. Just grow VMDK disk on VMware and then on the operating system. Usually, you don’t need a maintenance window for that. But what if you need to shrink the disk. It is not so obvious. For example, we had a virtual machine that required 1000GB disk space on the first partition, but we moved all files to the second partition, and only…

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How to build custom ESXi image

Introduction Sometimes you need to create your own ESXi image with additional content. In my case, I had to add the community-created ne1000 VIB. Below you will find a short instruction on how to do this. Create own image Install PowerCLI and import Image Builder module: Add an ESX software depot to the current PowerCLI session and get all available image profiles: Download image on disk then add local software…

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