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Create WorkspaceOne Access local user or reset a password without SMTP server configured.

Sometimes you do not want to connect your WorkspaceOne Access to SMTP, but you need to create a local user or reset a local user password (for example, in a test environment or fast PoC deployment). Below you can find an instruction on how to use REST API to set/reset a password for a local user. Prerequisites: First of all, we need a local user. If you do not have…

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Configure Kerberos authentication in vRealize Identity Manager 3.3.4

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article that shows how to integrate vROPS with Identity Manager and create catalog apps (here). So if we are logged into vRIDM, we can access our apps without adding a username and password a second time. But what if we have our computer in the domain, are logged to the computer with a domain account, and want to access all apps using our…

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How to add vRealize Operations Manager 8.x to vRealize Identity Manager Web Apps catalog

This article will demonstrate how to integrate vRealize Operations Manager with Workspace ONE Access (formally known as vRealize identity Manager) and add vROPS to Web Apps catalog. vRIDM gives us the ability to provides IDaaS (Identity as a Service). vRIDM acts as a broker between our identity providers and applications. It handles conditional-based access, SSO, unified apps catalog, and many other things. For example, when we install vRealize Automation, it…

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