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How to exclude partitions from vRealize Operations Manager alerts

By default, vRealize Operations Manager alerts us when OS partition/disk is out of space. But sometimes want to exclude some disks or partitions from such alerts because they are full by design. For example, you have a separate partition for pagefile, rotated logs, or just userspace that can be full, and it’s ok to us. This post will show you how to exclude a specific partition, let’s say /home/user, from…

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Add vRO workflow as a custom resource action in vRealize Operations Manager

vRealize Operations Manager is a powerful tool that enables and simplifies performance, capacity, and cost optimization in our environment. Today I want to focus on actions that we can run from the vROPS console. By default, The actions available in vRealize Operations Manager allow us to modify the state or configuration of selected objects in vCenter. But what if you cannot find appropriate action on the list? We can use the vRealize…

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vROPS Super Metric: VM OS Uptime in a given time

This time we are jumping to vRealize Operations Manager and looking for an answer to the question: How long was my VM powered on, for example, in the last 7 or 30 days? Sounds simple and it can be useful to show that on SLA reports. Yes, we have a built-in metric in vROPS called System|OS Uptime (Second(s)). So, where is the problem? When we power off VM and power…

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